Our Story

Before there was The Mad Crab Seafood & Wings, there was Molene George, a young woman passionate about making delicious, high-quality seafood and wings, which were available and affordable to everyone.

In 2004, during her downtime, Molene (Moe) started out cooking and selling seafood and wings from the kitchen of her home to individuals in the community, in which she lived. Then,tragedy hit!

In 2010, a house fire not only destroyed her home and all her family's belongings, it left the family homeless. The devastation almost caused Molene to lose her passionate and drive for cooking. She decided since she had lost all of her material belongings, she would work double shifts at her job, as a customer service rep with AAA until she could recover.

In 2012, Moe was able to recover and regain her passion for cooking from her home kitchen. These efforts helped her earn enough money to purchase a second hand food trailer. From her success at this venue, she was given the opportunity to open "Her" very own family owned take-out restaurant.

With the help of her dad and sons, (which are also her business partners/consultants) and their continued support, drive, tenacity, and the determination of Molene George, The Mad Crab Seafood & Wings is now a single, Family-Owned take out restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Using the same unwillingness to be defeated, The Mad Crab Seafood and Wings will soon become a chain of take out and casual dining restaurants in the Central Florida area.